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Dear purchasers and partners, CT AGRO had strong bearing on development of agricultural machinery in Kazakhstan in this millenium and earned a good reputation in the country. Purchasers, vendors, lease companies as well as politics representatives appreciate us the serious, fair partner and respect us for our ideas of service delivery.

We are glad to offer You a wide range of services in the field of agricultural machinery and to represent such brands as Claas, Horsch and Lemken from Germany, MacDon, Buhler Versatile and Morris from Canada as well as Summers from the USA. New one in our program is a feed blending machine of Trioliet brand from Holland. CT AGRO is in repute within the whole country thanks to commercial representatives and service personnel and in the sphere of services delivery and spare parts procurement it is the leading company across Kazakhstan.

At the beginning of 2014 Klaus Tischer, the founder of the company, sold CT AGRO to Reesink. We express our gratitude for his personal engagement and purposeful participation due to which ST AGRO reached such highs. I am very glad that he will further remain committed to our company and support us as the consultant.

Royal Reesink is, in Europe, first of all, in Belgium and Holland, a reliable partner in the sphere of agricultural equipment. The Company was established in 1786 and for the past few years has the right to have additional title “Royal” that is given by the royal family only to selected Holland enterprises keeping long-term traditions. Driving and practiced parent company is an underwriter of long-term stability for continuous further development in Kazakhstan.

Examine our technical solutions and do not hesitate to contact me personally or my employees – we are ready to act in the capacity of reliable partner for common successful future.

Yours sincerely,
Joerg Foschepoth

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